Minh Dam

Minh_Dam-01 Minh_Dam-02 Minh_Dam-03 Minh_Dam-04 Minh_Dam-05 Minh_Dam-06 Minh_Dam-07

Minh Dam was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and he has lived in Poland since 1991r.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology where he defened his Engineering Diploma in 2009 and his Master’s Diploma in 2011.

He is running with friends their own drawing and painting studio “Lineare” and also is working with architectural offices and advertising agencies on projects, visualizations and illustrations. Since 6 years he is teaching drawing and painting including preparing students for the exam at schools of architecture.

He is also a professional watercolour painter which won awards in the International Watercolour Festival in Bellagio in 2012 and in the competition “Warsaw Praga in Drawing and Watercolour.” His works are in numerous galleries.

He is the co-founder of the Association of Polish Watercolour Artists and organizer and participant of numerous plein-air workshops in Poland and abroad (France, Spain, Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany). He has participated in numerous exhibitions including “Gallery of Canson’s Masters” and “Warsaw Multicultural Plein-air”.


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