Federica Dubbini





Federica Dubbini is born on the shores of Liguria, she lives and works in Ticino (Switzerland) since many years, after her formation in Milan. Art is her job, in the Communication agency for the City of Lugano, and in the meantime she’s busy with projects about the upcoming LAC (Lugano Art and Culture ) center.

Her art brushes in many ways, and in diverse tunes, theater, music, dance, photography, and painting as a path of pictures and a discovery of feelings. She does not turn down the alteration that on canvas becomes symbol and colour, and leaves in her life traces and rips always sewn back. In the passage between “Metamorfosi” (Metamorphosis), and “Sguardi” (Gazes), her journey opens in “Orizzonti” (Horizons), of
colours and transformed places, seen, imagined.

In her works, Federica tries not to lose fantasy’s course, sometimes she needs technique, other times it’s enough to follow a more decisive colour. Often it’s necessary to lose oneself in chaos to find harmony.


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